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Hilltop Wood & Resin

Large Vancouver Island Cribbage Board

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Our flagship product since starting our shop in 2021!
 This cribbage board is our take on the popular Vancouver Island shape. We have gone and added a good portion of the smaller islands that are off both coasts, taking our board a step above.
On the front side, a compass rose helps orientate how the island should be viewed. You will also see that both a skunk and double skunk marker have been added.
For the backside you will find our shop logo, a slot for hanging the board on a wall and our unique peg storage system. This storage uses a magnet to hold the included steel pegs securely in place. 
As seen in one of the photos, a custom inscription can be added to the backside in the lower portion. Please use the 'Customize and Requests' field to let us know what you want engraved. At this time, we only offer one font choice. 
Dimensions are roughly 7.75" by 20.25" and the thickness varies between 5/8-1".
Boards are finished with Odie's Oil.
Due to the nature of wood, each board will be slightly different in grain and color then the examples pictured.
These crib boards are made to order. Turnaround time being 3-4 weeks.