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Hilltop Wood & Resin

Hexagon Tile Epoxy Serving Board

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There is just something about hexagons!
It is said that a hexagon is nature's perfect shape. Perhaps that is why it is so pleasing to the eye. Hexagons plus charcuterie? That is true perfection.
Choose your desired wood and then in the section provided, pick 1-3 different resin choices. (Photo of our resin colors will be uploaded soon)
How the epoxy colors end up being spread out among the tiles, we leave to our in house artist. We will always try to send a photo for approval before shipping.
We do not recommend doing any cutting on the epoxy portion of the board. Unfortunately, it would diminish the visual appearance much faster then if cutting was done on the wood portions. The epoxy will only be on one side, leaving the opposite side free for any prep work that is needed.
Dimensions of the board are roughly 18"x7" with a thickness of 3/4"-1" depending on the wood used.
Finished with our beeswax and mineral oil blend.
Care instructions will be sent with the board.  
These boards are made to order. Turnaround time being 3-4 weeks plus shipping.