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Hilltop Wood & Resin

Vancouver Island Epoxy Cribbage Boards

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Another top choice!
If our other Vancouver Island crib boards are a bit on the large side for your tastes or if you just love color, these smaller boards are for you.
We offer these boards in three different woods; Berekankum, Sapele/Mahogany, and Maple.
Berekankum will be a two piece glue up, which means a seam will be visible. The other two woods will be a solid one piece. When purchasing in person, most people go for the Berekankum because of its hefty weight and rich color, regardless of the seam.
In the section provided, pick 1-3 different resin choices. (Photo of our resin colors will be uploaded soon)
The only time that more than 3 colors can be picked is if you want a rainbow color scheme. In which case, please put "rainbow" in the customize section.
How the epoxy colors end up mixing can not be predicted, so we leave how the finished epoxy pour looks to our in-house artist. We will always try to send a photo for approval before shipping.
Steel pegs are included and are stored in the backside of the board with a rare earth magnet. 
Dimensions are roughly 4"x12" and 3/4-1" thick, depending on the wood choice.
Boards are finished with Odie's Oil.
Due to the nature of wood, each board will be slightly different in grain and color then the examples pictured.
These crib boards are made to order. Turnaround time being 3-4 weeks.